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0 Finance on New Cars

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Wondering how you can get a down payment of 0 finance on new cars? Well, look no further. We’ve surveyed all of the banks offering 0 finance on new cars, including Toyota Financial and Honda.

Step 1:



To qualify for the 0 finance on new cars deals, you need to have really good credit, usually in the 700+ tier, sometimes even in the 720 range. To get your credit to be this high you need to have a good, long standing credit history, history of debt that you did not default on, possibly a mortgage in your name, and a whole slew of other determining factors. If your credit is not in the correct zone, you may need a co-signer to qualify for the 0 down finance on new cars deals.

If you do have a good credit history, you are good to go and can proceed onto the second step to qualifying for the 0 finance on new cars in 2012.

Step 2:

With a strong credit, your on the right track! Next step is to approach a dealer and inquire about what the best offers are at the time. A great way to do this is visit edmunds or toyota or whatever car you are after’s official website, and sign up for all of the dealers in your zip code. They will each call you, and it will give you a lot of leverage as well as options as to which dealer and whom you are interesting in working with. The better you are at negotiating, and the better you are at showing you are a serious buyer, the better chance one of the dealers will play your game and offer you the 0 finance on new cars deal.

Once you’ve got a dealer to bite, you need to have him provide a VIN number for what car he will offer the deal to you on. Without a VIN number what the saleman says on the phone is as good as nothing, it will not help you in any way as you have no proof of the deal and they will not necessarily honor it once you’ve made your way into the dealership.

If you are able to get VIN number, you’ve got a dealer who is interested in offering you 0 finance on new cars and you are after the car of your choice, your good to go on step 3.



Step 3:

Take the car you are looking for on a test drive, and really get to know the vehicle you are about to spend many years with. It is worth every minute of the badgering to make sure you really love the car. Remember, a car is a 20 thousand dollar toy, at least; you do not want to make any pressured or rash decisions.

With excellent credit, a willing dealer, and your decision to buy a car, you are right on the way to qualify and get a car with 0 finance on new cars.



Hope this helped!

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