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2010 Camry XLE v6 Review

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With the brand new Toyota Camry Coming out in March 2012, the older Camry’s from previous leases are coming to an end, brining a new era of used cars. The 2010 Camry is a significant car, as it was the first of the mid-cycle refreshed models that came out late 2009. The Camry XLE is a car that is refined, easy to drive, and if you opt for the v6, surprisingly powerful. According to many different tests, including Carsoholics.com the Camry XLE v6 has reached 60 MPH in under 6 seconds (5.9 to be exact). This can rival such cars as the Acura TL and the previous generation BMW 328i, both of which hit 60 in the same amount of time. It is significant to realize that with 268 horsepower, the Camry is one of the fastest cars in its class, second to only the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima.

First Thoughts



When you first enter the car you will be welcomed by comfortable leather seats, a plush armrest and a reasonably upscale looking interior complete with wooden accents and a telescoping steering wheel. The driver seat has electronic controls to adjust seating position, and the steering wheel is full of convenience controls to help you operate the car more safely at highway speeds. One of the biggest gripes of the spacious Camry XLE however, is the very numb and “loose” steering; the steering wheel does not offer resistance and tells you nothing about the asphalt you are covering beneath you. According to some critics the steering is actually worst-in-class and the car actually feels disconnected, as in it is hard to control the car.

Interior Options

One of the features that the 2010 Camry XLE lacks is actually found in nearly every other car in the class, a 60/40 folding rear sear; the Camry simply offers a pass-through and no real way to load larger cargo. The rear seat is fairly roomy however, and can seat 2 adults comfortably. The middle seat is best used for children, or can be doubled as an armrest. As a family car, the Camry offers car seat options to help you connect the car seat to the car, and the car is full of safety features. In a fully loaded XLE, the optional navigation system, bluetooth and JBL audio system are each very good in their own respect, especially the audio system. In our tests, the speakers had best in class sound (including some far more expensive cars such as the 328i). The speakers are so good that you may think twice before switching them out for a premium set, they are clear, full of warm, rich bass and have a perfect balance in treble and mid tones for the Jazz listener as well.


2010 Toyota Camry XLE

2010 Toyota Camry XLE

When shopping for a new car in the midsized segment, it is important to look at the segment from one of 3 point of views: Are you looking for a sporty ride, a comfortable ride, or a plush waft? If you are looking for a hybrid option that mixes comfort and plush, the Camry is a great choice; beware for the lack of sportiness however, you have been warned!

Rating 7/10


Strong Engine, Excellent Audio System, Comfortable Ride, Quiet Interior


Steering feel, breaking, non folding rear-seat, lack of sportiness

Bottom Line:

Great choice for a family looking for a nice, comfortable and safe ride

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