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2012 Infiniti G37 & 2012 G37S Review

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The Infiniti G37 happens to compete with some of the greatest cars available today, in the intensely competitive entry-level luxury automobile market. By pitting the BMW 3 series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C class against the G37, a car that is structurally 7 years old, the competitive edge must be substantial if Infiniti would like any chance at sales. That being said, the 2012 G37 and G37S are excellent cars, possibly better than some of the German greats.

Despite the G37 being all around good car, sales are much lower than those of the “big 3”. This can be attributed to a few factors that set the Infiniti behind: The car is aging, the fuel mileage is sad at best and the German 3 are brand new for 2012. When you are comparing a car that is much older than its competitors, some signs of age are very hard to overlook. The exterior styling, once very innovative and elegant, is now ordinary and uninspired. The interior is due for an update, the engine does not feature direct injection, there is an absence of engine on/off, the car is forced to run on 91 Premium fuel; the list goes on. So, despite these faults, how can the car be so great? The answer lies in some of the classic sports car features that we have become so fond of such as the precise and communicative steering, the huge torque and horsepower, engine sound, nimble handling and best in class acceleration.

To S or not to S?



By means of comparison, imagine a BMW 3 series with a lot more torque, better steering feel, and acceleration that can give you some serious whiplash. 0-60 has been clocked at under 5.0 seconds from various daredevils on YouTube, not to mention official times from Infiniti at 5.0 seconds flat. With 330 horses under the hood, it’s no surprise that the G37 is fast. Now take that G37, slap on a nice S, and you got a recipe for speed. The car gains a lot more grip, better handling, and paddle shifters than quicken manual shift times by almost 5 tenths of a second, taking the manual mode from barely-operable in the base sedan, to lightning fast track worthy in the S model. The seats are also bolstered, allowing for lateral comfort that holds you down into the seat and braces you for the ride.

One negative aspect of the S model is the way the large brakes heat up after even minimal use. To a driver who is used to a compact sedan or less sporty car, the brakes are seriously hot. They emanate heat noticeably into the car, and under aggressive conditions can actually permeate through the doors and cause discomfort to an attentive driver. But the cars stopping distance more than makes up for the temperatures caused by the brakes.

Road Noise and Feel


2012-infiniti-g37 interior

Beware for the road noise however; this car is clearly no pacifist. When cruising on the freeway tire noise (especially summer tires) is noticeably loud, creating cadence that you may not necessarily want to hear. But the excellent steering feel more than makes up for it; if you leave your hand on the 2/10 o’clock, you will feel every vibration from the road below you… the car is there to communicate every nick in the asphalt below you. Other cars such as the all-new BMW 328i steering feel can be best described as “numb”; you can barely feel anything, due to the electrically assisted steering that saves the car 2/3 city and highway miles per gallon respectively. Fans of the way the G37 handles should seriously consider purchasing the 2012 or 2013 G37, as the newly redesigned Infiniti G37 is sure to feature a smaller engine, electrically assisted steering and other fuel conscious decisions.

The Infiniti G37, although old, is a phenomenal car that any sports car enthusiast would enjoy. The car handles well, accelerates faster than some cars that are twice the cost, features beautiful acoustics and has excellent brakes. The 2014 model can potentially set the standard once again for a purist sport sedan like no other in the entry level luxury sedan class.


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