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2013 Lexus es350 Debuts at New York Auto Show

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Well, Toyota has done it again; a brand new Lexus ES350 with new exterior styling and brand new headlight design, coming out with the newest edition of the brands entry model. Wait! Don’t leave yet… this year Lexus seems to have stepped up their game and started to realize that there is some fierce competition in the car segment that the Lexus ES used to dominate regardless of the styling. In fact, until just recently, if Toyota would have designed an uninspired, functional and extremely boring car, they still would have done really well in the market place, as the Lexus is one of the best brands in the $35,000 to $45000 dollar car market, with big earners such as the IS250 and the outgoing model of the Lexus es350.  The brand new Lexus is gorgeous, inside and out, and is one of the most refined Lexus ES sedans we have seen in the history of the premium auto maker. The Lexus is so nice, it is almost out of a different company; nobody expected such a class killer and gorgeous car out of such a “boring” car company.

History of Lexus

Lexus has a history of coming out with the most uninspired and boring cars that are extremely ho-hum and loved only by those who are given one as a gift. Because of the boring styling, the target consumer of a Lexus become those above 45 years old, creating a niche brand with less than “mass” market appeal. Over time, Lexus started losing sales and had a challenged business model, with small sales volume and small growth. Because Toyota is such a behemoth company, this was okay for the brand to carry along for the small extra profits that Lexus did bring in. Later in the years since inception of Lexus, Toyota started doing better with their premium brand and for a short lived time was even the #1 selling premium mid sized sedan in the market, seconded by the European car makers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. After some time, the competition started to leap-frog Lexus and left them hanging in the dust. The ES simply was not the car that they wanted it to be.



Re-branded Camry XLE

People who looked at the Lexus ES were very let down with the lack of differences between the Lexus and the Toyota Camry XLE, which seemed to have many of the same options, at a ten thousand dollar discount, which can be a lot of money when there isn’t much of an improvement of car to justify the extra pricing. Lexus had basically offered very little more than a slightly better sound system, better seating, and a slightly quieter interior. The car looked almost identical, there were few differences in fit and finish, and the dimensions, engine size, transmission and other details were virtually identical to the smaller and much cheaper option. This year is looking to entirely change that; the new Lexus looks very different than the Camry, and the interior of the car is as if it was built from scratch. There are all-new materials, differnt seating, absolutely gorgeous front seat and cockpit, and great details on the car overall.

Brand new ES Hybrid

Although the drive train, engine, transmission and chassis are similar to that of the outgoing model, there is one major new addition: The introduction of the first ever Lexus ES hybrid, which can potentially sell to a brand new- younger niche market. Lexus hopes to double sales from last year, which can potentially put them ahead of the curve, and back to where they used to be: The king of the midsize luxury cars.

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