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The all new 2015 Lexus RC350- Can Lexus take the Market?

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isotretinoin for sale without prescription If you are looking for a sporty coupe for under $50 thousand, you will likely head over to the BMW, Audi or Mercedes dealership, take a couple test-drives, and choose one of your very limited options– well that used to be true at least. We’ve got some new eyes on the lucrative entry-level luxury market, more specifically the Japanese market, and they mean business. The all new RC350 and RCF from lexus, along with the Q60 from Infiniti mean trouble for the 3 musketeers (read: BMW, Audi & Mercedes.)

Colfontaine Well, things have certainly changed. New comers like the RC coupe from Lexus (I know, that’s not a typo) are tip-toeing into a historically European dominated market. Consequentially the Germans aren’t excited about about the Japanese intrusion. BMW, Audi and Mercedes seem to have seriously upped their game in the past few years, with an all new Mercedes C-class and C-class coupe and the bran spanking new BMW 4 series, offering some of the most ambitious advancements we’ve seen since the new nomenclature theme (why BMW?)  from the Bavarian’s, like their all new electric assist steering (ugh) and innovative interior (boring). Sensing a theme here? The sad truth is that the European automakers are comfortable with their cars, and up until very recently didn’t have much of a reason to be innovative with their new vehicles; there was simply not enough competition to push innovation, and for good reason. Why would BMW, for example, take a risk with R&D when they know just about any car they offer, as long as it is at least as good as it’s predecessor is sure to sell? There is no reason from a business perspective to push BMW to take a strategic risk when they can stay comfortable, and more importantly profitable without it.

2015-rc-350-f-sportLexus, However, is in a unique position to take a risk. Lexus hasn’t offered a serious contender in the luxury coupe segment since the SC, if you want to count that, and they need to come out with a really good car to get back on the board. From Toyota’s point of view, this is a big risk with extremely high potential return. The aging Audi s5, a mediocre BMW 4 series and the better than average Mercedes c-class coupe are that stand in the way. To Lexus and Infitini, and even Cadillac for that matter, its now or maybe never. Lexus will need to come up with a car that is fast, comfortable, full of tech and great on fuel mileage. The problem with that what Lexus has come out with seems at first glance a little less than spectacular.

Colonia del Valle The 2015 RC350 F Sport

The all new RC 350 F sport seems at first glance a little “over-styled” or even unattractive. The car is exaggerated in just about every way, from the corporate hourglass grille to the swooping lines that are almost cartoonish. According to the preliminary ratings from Road & Track and some other sources, the Lexus RC350 F-Sport doesn’t have much to brag from the straight line, the 0-60 times is said to be around 5.8 seconds, which is quite slow for the amount of dough you have to cough up. Will the RC be enough for Lexus? Only time will tell. For now, we are just going to have to wait to get our hands on the all new car and see how it holds up to the Carsoholics.com standard.

Update: Here is a video review from Road & Track!

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