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Smart Car vs Fiat – Clash of the super compact cars

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The smartest car

The smartest car

Are you driving the seductive sedan beauty through the busy traffic? Are you looking for something more compact? Well then try on the ultra compact sect of automobiles to steer through the nook and corners of the city.

Always the best comes in small packages. Try out the vehicles like the Fiat and Mercedes’ Smart Car, the front runners in the compact car sect. These cars have revolutionized the ideas of style, driving comfort, function, fuel efficiency and handling. The compact beauties come designed and tailored from the best automobile production houses of the world. Both these beauties have won many hearts across the world. But which one is the best? Is it the mini compact from the Italian production house or is it the Smart Car from the German automat manufacturers? Well, let see who rules the roads.

Is the smart car really smart?

The compact traveler from Mercedes’ is an absolute eye catcher. So, what are those specs that make the Mercedes beauty a heart throb?

Problematic Performance

Let us see how the engine sounds. The smart car is perfect for a city drive. The engine is built to ride the narrow streets and tightest corners of the city. It is fairly brave on the city roads. But if you take your compact beauty to New York’s busy interstate roads you will be disappointed. The car is built to cruise at speeds not more than 50 mph. The compact 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine offers best in its class handling and speed. The vehicle’s short length, quick steering, and mini wheelbase fit into the tightest parking spaces. The small turning radius makes it the perfect for city roads. The compromised choppy transmission often creates troubles with the car knocking at times on the short wheelbase.

The design of the car is not that aerodynamic and this makes it vulnerable to cross winds. The infamous potholes on the streets of New York can also get your car’s less heavily built suspension damaged. The smart car will be an ideal choice for streets but not a balanced vehicle for the highway roads. So avoid the Smart Car if you are someone who wishes to hit the highways very often.

Subpar Quality

The smart car is the best roomy car in its class. It offers the passengers and drivers the ample space. Even the ones measuring 6 feet and taller can sit comfortably inside the smart car. It offers the best in class headroom, ample leg space etc. The smart car ensures the passengers their comfort. The narrow cabin space may make the passengers feel a bit cramped when steering through the tight corners. Don’t expect something called as the boot space. You may carry your luggage on your laps while you are travelling in the smart car. The engine will start grumbling as the speed gauge starts showing speeds above 60mph.

Grant Look from Fiat

Grant Look from Fiat

The style factor

The Smart Car has been illustrated or described as roller skates on 145/65R15 72T dimension wheels. The car is taller than the conventional mini cars and the mirror to mirror length of the car is roughly 9 feet.

Fiat’s Fresh grant Look

The hunky grill, stylish two doors, fuel-efficient engine and the all new moon roof and smoking exhausts make the Italian guy the heart throb of the US women. The Italian hatchback, fiat 500 is way ahead of its fellow competitors and other gas- englut American autos.

Small but power packed

The fiat engineers shave fitted the Fiat 500 with 101 horse power and a 1.4 liter four-cylinder engine. The extra one cylinder of the Fiat 500 gives it the upper hand in performance. The engine would not grumble like the smart car when it exceeds speeds of 60mph.

Redefining Small

The fiat 500 isn’t that roomy a car. In fact it is less spacious when compared to its fellow competitor smart car. The car offers 9.5 cubic feet of cargo space. This again gives it an upper hand over the Mercedes smart car. The fiat 500 seating arrangement offers a tight fit seating for adult passengers.

The Winner Is…

Well it is your call. Select the best that affords your pockets and the one that suits your daily needs.

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