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A Brief Review On Ford C-Max Energi 2013

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Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi review

Growing energy needs and a depletion in the natural resources makes us realize the relevance of hybrid cars. The car that we are about to discuss in this article is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles released up till now. The car is nothing but the Ford C-Max Energi. As in all hybrid cars, the vehicle makes use of a combination of the conventional engine and an electric motor. The hybrid vehicle can offer you a staggering 100 mpg on roads which makes it so special. This article will offer you a basic review of C-Max Energi with special mention to the special features, performance aspects and safety features.

What’s in store?

The vehicle is released under a single variant that can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Yes of course, it falls under the hatchback category. The basic features incorporated on Energi are 17-inch alloy wheels, fog lamps, rear parking sensors, heated mirrors, keyless entry, upholstery made from high quality leather, automatic wipers, adjustable steering wheels, automatic 2 mode climate control, rearview mirror with auto-dimming capability, driver seat with power adjusting option and heated front seats. The electronic utilities incorporated in Energi are Bluetooth and audio connectivity, satellite radio, built in iPod, USB facility,   touch-screen that makes use of the MyFord Touch interface, premium quality CD player and an electronic interface that works with the voice activation technology.

Performance aspects of Energi

Ford C-Max Energi is equipped with a 2L, 4-cylider engine that is capable of delivering a horse power of 141 HP at a maximum torque of 129 P-Ft. The engine is coupled to an electric motor which is powered by a powerful 7.6 Kwh battery. The synchronized power of both is utilized to deliver a horse power of 188 HP and it is this power that gets transmitted to the front wheels.  The power transmission technology incorporated here is the Continuously variable automatic transmission or the CVT.

When it comes to the mileage aspects, the vehicle can deliver an incredible 100 mpg. However, the 100 mpg mark is achieved only with the electric power transmission. When the electric energy gets exhausted, the vehicle automatically switches over to the 4-clinder engine and then delivers a standard mileage. But still the 4-cylinder engine can deliver you 44 mpg in city driving condition and around 41 on highways. With a fully charged battery, Energi attains a maximum speed of 85 mph and can travel up to 21 miles without any hindrance.

Safety aspects of Energi

Performance aspects

Ford C-Max Energi performance aspects

Energi is equipped with all the standard features that a hatchback can offer you. The major safety features incorporated in the car are stability and traction control, disk brakes with anti-lock capability, front and side airbags with an additional knee air bag for the driver. Another worth mentioning feature equipped in Energi is the 911 Assist service. It is a utility service that becomes useful at emergency conditions. The utility makes use of a Smartphone that automatically connects to 911 at the time of emergency.

When it comes to the cons, the cargo capacity of the vehicle is not so great and the pricing aspect is not very attractive. C-Max Energi may cost you around $33,000.


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