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All About Using The GripGo Cell Phone Mount

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Your cell phone may slip off while you try to clinch it to your ears using your shoulders. A lot of people resort to this just because it’s difficult to handle the steering wheel with just one hand while holding the phone to their ear with the other. Since urgent calls need to be taken right then, when they get these, people momentarily set aside road safety. This attitude can definitely cause road accidents. This urges the need for a suitable cell phone mount like GripGo.

What is GripGo cell phone mount?

According to the GripGo review, GripGo is a revolutionary cell phone mount that helps you to drive safely even while attending the phone call. It is a unique portable cell phone mount that can be positioned comfortably on the dashboard or any other flat surface in the car. It can even be placed on the windscreen of the vehicle. GripGo should be mounted in such a way that it can be viewed comfortably from the driver’s seat.

Take your cell phone and place it on the green surface of GripGo. The millions of tiny suction cups here will keep your cell phone from falling down. Your cell phone is now well protected and even sudden movements due to applying breaks or turns would not cause the cell phone to fall. It is not at all difficult to take the cell phone from GripGo. According to the GripGo review, there would be no adhesive left behind on the other side of your cell phone as expected. This is due to the action of patented suction cups.

GripGo mount

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GripGo possess a pivoting arm, and the cell phone can be rotated in a 360 degree angle. This helps the driver to adjust the view. Since GripGo can hold upto 20 pounds of weight, placing a GPS device or tablet is not at all a big deal.

As per the GripGo review, this wonderful product is available online, and you get another one if you order this way. Moreover, you can avoid the risk of driving without an effective cell phone mount. GripGo review shows that GripGo might turn dirty after using for a very long time, due to dust and pollution. Simply rinsing under water will get this issue fixed.

It’s your turn to buy GripGo and have a safe journey. Maybe it’s time to start driving by responsibly and safely.

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