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All New Infiniti 2014 Q50 Hybrid Sport Test Drive

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infiniti q50 front-headlightsA sports car promising a combined 360 horses, hybrid drive-train, a whopping 30 combined MPG and a complete redesign on the interior and exterior sounds way too good to be true. Especially when you weigh in the claimed 0-60 in under 5 seconds, which would be faster than the purebred 2012 Infiniti G37 sport. You could understand my excitement as I sat down in the drivers seat to the brand new Infinti Q50 Hybrid, a car that has had me excited since it’s debut in the Q50 spy shots, the auto show and finally on the Infiniti’s website with the teaser and reservation options. As I entered the car, I was nervous to be let down; the Q50 has been hyped by the manufacturer since it was first announced and I was not entirely sure it would live up to its expectations.

The Q50’s Interior

The first thing I noticed about the Q50 was the much better seating than those found in the outgoing G37 sport. The seats are way more comfortable and seam to grip you in a much more pleasant way– the firmness is still there though, and the masculine style survives the new iteration of the interior by Infiniti’s designers. Looking at the steering column, you hardly recognize that it is the new G37; it seems like the car has taken an overdose of technology and upgrades, taking the car out of 2005 and straight to 2015 in just a quick glance.infiniti-q50-interior-center-console

infiniti q50 window sticker hybrid

The dual display (test car was equipped with nav), beautifully designed buttons and nobs, and excellent trim is all impressive to the senses and to the touch. The car seems to have completely ditched the low cost hard plastics and replaced everything that the hands could reach with luscious leather and soft wrapping, with gorgeous contrast stitching to round it all up. One of the big problems with the G37 is the tiny backseat, where an adult would be uncomfortable for a drive that lasted anything longer than a couple of minutes. To answer this, Infiniti has increased the leg room substantially and changed the width of the headrest so forward visibility is actually possible, something the G37 never offered.

infiniti q50 frontAnother very welcome change is the standard audio system– it’s finally on par with the competitors and offers rich lows and flawless highs, something we really wanted to see in the G37/Q50 for all of these years. The software running on the touch screen was cumbersome and hard to operate, but Infiniti is upgrading the software and within a week this should be solved by the manufacturer. We loved the feel of the interior and especially loved the way they present the leather on the doors, its a nice retro look that is easy to fall in love with. Great interior, great acoustics, and a welcome mute to the exterior road noise that seems to be so pronounced in the outgoing model.

Power and Feel

As we exited the dealership, we were told to not take the car too far (there is a stop-sell as Infiniti is releasing a software upgrade for the operating system on the touch screen) and not to drive it too fast. What the sales manager did not take into account was the fact that this is the all new Q50 Hybrid s. We set the drive selector to “Sport” and proceeded to bring the petal straight down to the floor, causing a huge roar of the combustion engine coming to life, and what felt like a wall slamming into us as the car took off the line, without hesitation and with eager agility. We weren’t able to clock the time to 60, but we are safe to estimate it will be between 4.8-5.1 upon testing. The car feels fast and accelerates smoother and with more torque than the G37S. Let’s not forget that this is in fact, a Hybrid, with the fancy blue “s” ostentatiously showing off on the nameplate.infiniti q50 engine

The steering has lost some of the road feel, but still feels communicative with the driver and keeps you connected to the road. The old feel of the G37S is going to be missed, but with the introduction of the power assisted steering and the move away from hydraulically assisted steering that the automotive industry seems to embrace in favor a significant fuel savings, this was expected.

infiniti q50 sideThe cars fast, it looks absolutely beautiful, if not aggresive, lean and handsome and handles better than the BMW or Audi. The Infiniti Q50 is a clear winner in the class, and we’d rate this to be possibly the best car for the money, as Nissan usually offers good pricing on both the lease and financing options for their new cars.


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