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Better Headlights are Everything

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Better headlights are everything.  Its no joke, if you can see farther and with a wider field of vision at night that’s the difference in having enough information to avoid an animal or pedestrian in the shadows or even better so you can see farther to go faster!  Also as we age your night vision goes fast.

Great headlights come on most new cars but some still don’t offer an HID or LED option, which is key!  If your car doesn’t have factory HID (those bluish headlights on all the German luxury cars) you are missing out big time.  If you car is old consider getting some new lenses but look online and on eBay there are great deals out there and crystal clear headlights are critical to good vision.


The next step is to upgrade the light source, people ask me if LED is a good option and the answer is no not for headlights that came with halogen!  Your lights will look goofy be highly directional and not as bright as HID for probably more money.  Buy a high quality HID conversion like we sell on Cool bulbs http://coolbulbs.com/hidkits-body.html.

A quality kit like this should last 10 years, use only 35 watts and produce 300% more light than your halogens.  This is an unbeatable value and will make even a broken down old truck shine like an Escalade!

Headlight technology is changing fast and I believe the newest Multi-LED systems that are an option on a very select group of new cars seems to be where the world is going.  If you car was factory designed with LED lights you are lucky as they use half again as much power and last roughly twice as long as HID but currently they are incredibly expensive.  Audi who tends to lead in lighting technology showed a preview of the world’s first production car Laser lighting system from their Le Mans car!  Where lasers and LED matrix systems will go is anyone’s guess, I just want something that scares the heck out of the deer on my street!

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