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BMW 1 Series 2013 Review

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2013 BMW 1 series

2013 BMW 1 series review

When it comes to style, performance and power, the BMW stands ahead of its competitors. What has BMW got in store for 2013? The German automobile company is ready with the 2013 BMW 1 series with exceptional performance capabilities. BMW series is meant for the ones who enjoy a high adrenaline rush and speed. This article will offer you a brief review of the BMW 1 series with special mention to the variants available, performance characteristics and safety aspects. BMW 1 series is available in both the coupe and the convertible segments.

The BMW 1 series variants

Both the coupe and convertible segments make use of three variants, which are listed as follows- 128i, 135i and 135is. Here are some of the features incorporated in the 128i variant. The 128i coupe variant carries 17-inch wheels, wipers that have the rain sensing capability, fog lights, cruise control option, headlights that function automatically, adjustable steering wheel, vinyl upholstery, 10-speaker audio system and a lot more. The convertible model is different from the coupe only in the design aspects of the wheels.

When it comes to the 135i variant, the vehicle makes use of a turbocharged engine that can deliver more power than the 128i. The suspension is more of a sport-tuned type that highlights what the vehicle is capable of. The 135i coupe is equipped with 18-inch wheels, xenon headlights, power front-seat option and an aerodynamic kit.

The 135is is intended for ultimate performance as the turbocharged engine is fine-tuned for more power and pick up. To impart a sporty feel, the 135is equipped with sport front seats and steering. Paddle shifters are made available for the variants that run on automatic transmission. When it comes to the technology aspects incorporated in the BMW 1 series, navigation tool, voice command option, Smartphone utility, BMW Assist and BMW Apps are present in all variants.

Performance aspects of the BMW 1 series

All variants are equipped with a 3L, 6-cylinder engine. The 128i engine is capable of producing a horsepower of 230 HP at a torque of 200 P-Ft. The 128i is available in both 6-speed manual and automatic transmission systems. The 128i manual transmission engine, takes slightly less than 6 seconds to reach the 60 mph mark. The convertible takes a little more to reach the 60 mph mark.

When it comes to the mileage aspects, 128i can deliver around 18 mpg in the city driving conditions and 28 mpg on highways. The values are almost the same for the convertible. The 6-sylinder turbocharged engine of 135i can deliver a horsepower of 300 HP with a torque of 300 Pound-feet. The manual transmission engine of the 135i coupe variant can reach the 60 mph mark in 5 seconds. The convertible variant may take you around 5.5 seconds.

Performance aspects

Performance aspects of BMW 1 series

The manual transmission engine of the 135i coupe can deliver up to 20mpg in city driving conditions and 28 mpg on highways. The 135is engine is an upgraded version of the 135i, which can deliver an impressive 320 horsepower at 317 pound-feet torque. The manual transmission engine of 135is can reach the 60 mph mark in less than 5 seconds. The mileage aspects of this variant are not currently known.

Safety aspects

The standard safety features incorporated in 2013 BMW 1 series are stability and traction control, disk brakes with antilock capability and front and side air bags.

The BMW 1 series is meant for better riding comforts, power and handling. It is obvious that the vehicle can offer the rider an enchanting driving experience.


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