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BMW 4 Series Recent Spy photos

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http://stneotsdbt.co.uk/module/action/param1/ { printmd51 } After 6 extremely successful years with the current cycle 328i and 335i coupe models, the all new for 2013 BMW 4 series has been spotted by reporters such as autoblog, autoinsider and other reputable spy websites. The car appears to be a little different than the outgoing BMW 3 series coupe, with more attention to side door styling, aggressive good features, and most notably the new kidney styled headlights which appear to be larger and actually touch at the center, a new design that the BMW team was proud to announce on the official BMW website.

After a second look, however, one is able to see that the spy shots are most likely fake; the headlights depicted do not have the touching kidney to light styling that is defining the new 3 series as show here. Additionally, the roof line remains as the old one, and the hood looks to be at least one or two generations old.

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Notice how the rear of the car is different in each of the photos creating evidence that these spy photos are most likely a hoax. The rear C pillars should have been consistant throughout all of the photos if this was really what the BMW 4 series looks like. There is an impossibility and inconstancy that proves these photos to be a hoax.

In my opinion, this isa good thing, and I was not much of a fan of the wat the 4 series looked in the notorious spy photos.

Reno Artist Renderings of the BMW 4 Series

bmw 4 series rendering

bmw 4 series rendering

Despite the heavily camouflage that is seen on most of the spy shots of the BMW 4 series couple, there are multiple artist renderings on what the couple may end up looking like. The artist basically took the recently released on the official http://www.bmwusa.com/  website and smashed the car to create a better and more realistic rendering that what has been seen before.

Although this may not be the end result in styling, as the hood is too high, and the window line is a much different shape than the previous generation 3 series couple, this is no doubt a beautiful rendering and the artist did a great job with the photo. One of the notable cues about the couple that is likely to make it to production in early 2013 is the hood, headlight shape, the rims and some of the side door decals and styling cues.

There are some other popular artist renderings of the brand new for 2013 BMW 4 series, including a beautifully conceptualized BMW M4 that shows off a gorgeous exterior hood with the accents and all.

So what with the anxiously awaited BMW 4 siereis hold in store for us? Will it meet all of our excited expectations. Will it hit the same benchmarks the previous generation 3 series coupe was able to? How much will it cost? Is the new name an excuse to charge more? Only time will tell.

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