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Car Lighting updates for the Dark Season  

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It’s important for everyone to think about his or her vehicle lights this time of year.  Light means everything, without enough light, you risk hitting an animal, cyclist or worse, me!  I always take some time to make sure my lights work well because we all have experienced that frightened feeling from someone in the oncoming lane with their headlights off, that guy with no brake lights or they are on all the time.  These things for most of us are minor annoyances but once in awhile, those malfunctioning lights can be the cause of an accident. According to the NHTSA over 8,000 fatal crashes involved inoperable lights!

ford-explorer-hidThe easiest test is just to pay attention the next time you are behind a truck with a nice flat reflective rear, just look.  Can you see all your lights?  Flip your highs on and your turn signals. Do they look ok in the reflection?  Brake lights can be tested the same way when you’re backing out of a space, pump the brakes to the see the lights turn on and off on the garage door or wall behind you. If one side seems dim, drive to the auto parts store for a new bulb.  Most will install at no charge!

A simple light bulb out or a cracked lens can mean the law will pull you over just to give you a fix it ticket.  This situation invites further scrutiny from the man and personally I don’t want to ever talk to those guys if I can help it…

If you have faded or cracked headlights or taillights check out these fresh upgrade lights www.coolprojectors.com they fit most makes and models and can bring your old beater up to the latest generation of lighting tech.

As you and your car age, night vision becomes an issue.  The easiest solution is Xenon headlights.  When you get a new car Xenon’s aka High Intensity Discharge lights come bundled with things like a Technology package or Safety package etc..  Sometimes these can be expensive option groups but fear not, cheapskates or unknowing buyers because a simple HID conversion from www.coolbulbs.com will clear up those dark nights and lonely roads.  For a little over a $100 and a few minutes under the hood you can replace your old dingy yellow bulbs with modern Xenon clear white light like all the new BMWs have.  I did it to my Explorer in about 15 minutes and wow did it change my night vision. I personally like the 6000k, its what comes in a new BMW.  These are not subtle upgrades folks this is the real deal.  Put one of these on your 10 year old Hyundai and passengers will think it’s a new Lexus

Be safe fellow night crawlers!



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