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Chevrolet Express Passenger For Your Cargo Transport

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Chevrolet Express Passenger

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Minivans are the type of vehicles, which are designed for maximum space in the interiors. In the US, minivans are customized and used for personal use. Since they are taller than hatchbacks and sedans, the seating is a bit more comfortable. A minivan can comfortably accommodate seven persons.  These minivans are now marketed in the name MUVs i.e. Multi Utility Vehicles. It got this name because these vehicles can be used for several purposes. You can use it for your regular family outing, camping etc.

If you are looking to buy a minivan, you got a variety of good choices. The Chevrolet Express minivan is the best pick if for you are looking for a van to transport cargos and other goods. Now lets have a detail look at this vehicle.

Chevrolet Express Passenger

While speaking about the Express passenger, this is not exactly a passenger van. This is a van, which you can use to assist you with your work. It has a tough exteriors and a lot of space for storage, which make it favorite for those who handle and transport tools for their everyday works. This van is designed entirely for the rough and tough purposes.


Different variants of engines are available for the Express passenger, which includes 4.8L, 5.3L and the 6.0L. All their engines are arranged in V-8 configuration.  This engine is designed to give the best performance even in the cold weather. It uses microprocessor-controlled glow plugs, which helps to heat up the engine quickly at a temperature of even -20 degree Celsius. This enables it to give the maximum performance during the winter seasons. Another good thing about this van is the fuel efficiency; it gives 20 miles per gallon on highways.

Chassis and Suspension

This van is built on a strong chassis. In order to withstand the high loads and to handle the pressure created during the twists and turns, this van uses the ladder type full frame chassis. The frame is very strong and rigid to make it suitable for the rough jobs. Additionally, tubular framework is given to improve the torsion stiffness of the vehicle.

In all the models, the front suspension used is independent short long arm suspension. This gives maximum comfort and control for the driver. The rear suspension is semi elliptical, multi leaf spring suspension, which helps it to carry heavy loads.

Safety Features

multi utility vehicles

features of Express passenger

The van equipped with another important feature of StabliiTrak. This feature helps to improve the drivability and control of the vehicle. The van uses hydro boost disc brakes on all four wheels and it provides ABS and dynamic rear positioning in all the models. A pressure monitoring system is included in it that monitors the air pressure and temperature, which is vital during the long drives. Passenger air bags are provided for all the models and daytime running lamps are kept as standard.

Other Features

The van also includes a number of other features as well. They are the park assist, Bluetooth wireless technology and the touch screen radio and integrated navigation system. Rear park assist feature will help you to park the car even on busy streets.

This van has the second row of doors only on one side of the van, which makes it difficult to use as a passenger van, so it cannot be considered as a multi utility vehicle. However, Chevrolet Express passenger, as I said before, is the best option for you, if you are looking for a van for transporting cargo.

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