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Donedeal.ie Cars website Review

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If you live in Ireland are you are looking to buy a car, you have likely seen done deal.ie and you have likely stumbled across their excellent car buying program, complete with tips and tricks, prices and a great inventory on helping you buy a new car. But are you sure they are really there to help you out and make sure your car purchasing experience goes without any issue? Are the guys over at done deal.ie there for you?

First Impressions of Donedeal.ie cars Google #1 click



Upon reaching the website and looking around, our first impression is a very straightforward website, but the coloring and the style of the listings seem a little amateur, which can make a buyer nervous; especially if the buyer is not an experienced internet user and is wary by nature. The listings are sortable by geographic area, price, age of auction, photo/no photo and name of car. There is also the excellent option of limited and filtering the search based on car make, truck, or specific brand.

For our mock search terms, we decided to look for a Toyota Camry for a reasonable price. We also wanted to make sure the car was in excellent condition and there were few miles used on the car. We were able to locate a car very quickly, but the pricing and the color options were not of our fancy. To try to refine the search, we clicked the back button and recording ease of use on trying to get the donedea.ie website to recognize our newly determined factors we are interested.



Search Fine Tuning

Upon filtering to search to the specific Camry XLE which we found very quickly via the Toyota secondary menu, we clicked the top result and found an interesting result: The top click was another Honda, this time however, the car was claimed to have only 87 miles. This as obviously not possible as the car is 5 years old and the mileage is nothing short of a lie.

An unexperienced buyer may think they are getting a marvelous deal, and there may be a scenario in which the buyer can get ripped off and become unprotected from the safety of what should exist on done deal.ie cars website.


When listing a classified on the website, it is much easier and straightforward, and especially newbie friendly. To list a car, simply click the list button, decide on the priority and placement of your listing, pay the fee, enter the details, upload photos, finalize and verify your listing, and viola, you now have your listing up on one of the biggest Irish car trading website in the world.

Final Thoughs

We found the Irish based website to be an overall straightforward and to the point website, with faults in only needing a makeover and more specific drop down menu for each category. There should also be more moderation, as people are listing auctions that do not make sense and can basically be almost determined as fraud. Some auctions need to be removed altogether.


Buying the Donedeal.ie Cars Honda and listing the Donedeal.ie Cars Toyota was a breeze, and the website is well deserving of the 4/5 stars.

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