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Drive Safe With GripGo Phone Mount

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Safe driving

A lot of us are people who live busy lives, and we are almost always on the go. We drive to go for work, to drop our kids at school, to pick them back up, visit the grocery store and what not. And during a lot of these times or some of them at the least, we have to pick up calls for a few minutes while driving. And I do not have to describe the dangers of driving and talking. In such instances, an efficient phone mount is what you require.

Without a phone mount, you will have to start looking for your phone the minute it starts ringing, for you may have misplaced it or it may have slipped off the dash board, thereby taking your focus off the driving. The GripGo phone mount is an ideal choice- with the help of this mount, you do not have to take your hands off the steering wheel even if you get a call while driving. Also, as this phone mount can be placed anywhere in your car from the dash to the windshield, you do not have to take your eyes off the road. Another major

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advantage of GripGo is that it can grip any model of phone that you might be using, and not just your phone, but even your tablet or GPS device.

Additionally, the pivot mount enables you to rotate your phone through 360°, and hence you can set your screen in the landscape mode or portrait mode as you desire. The suction cups of this phone mount ensure that your phone is tightly gripped. Even then, it comes off just as easily when you want to take it off. This way you do not have to worry about your phone slipping off into some unreachable nook, or you misplacing it. And unlike other phone holders available on the market, GripGo does not leave behind any sticky residue. But if you do notice that it starts losing out on its grip, all you have to do is wash it using a stream of water, and it will be as good as new. GripGo is not available in retail stores such as Walmart; you can only purchase it online.

Also available to you now is an exclusive “buy one get one free” offer. So what are you waiting for? Order GripGo mount right now and make your drives safer and more carefree!

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