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Fast Cars for Under 10000

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So if you are like me and you absolutely adore fast cars, then you might also be like me where you can’t really afford them; in fact, I’ve been driving my 2001 Toyota Camry LE since I got my drivers license, and I’m gonna drive it until it drops. A friend of mine noticed that I was driving a Camry which he found to be very ironic, “How could  you write for a car website, attend every car show, stay up to date on all cars news and then cruise around in that old Camry!?” Deep down I knew he was right, but what choice do I have? Without the means to afford a nice sports car capable of revving north of 5000 RPM without having a heart attack, I didn’t have many options. But I started to think that maybe somewhere there are some cars that are overlooked or just a great price for what you are getting that I can get some fun out of? I was on a mission and inspired, and I decided to write up a nice list of cars that you can buy for less than $10k that are fast.

You should note that this is based on Los Angeles Craigslist and Ebay listings, not Blue Book Value or some other metrics; this is my actual research that I did to see if I can find a nice deal that would satisfy the gear head in me. Anyways, without further ado: my list of Fast Cars Under 10 Thousand Dollars. If you would like to see what cars are available in your area, head over to Craigslist, enter your city, and then go to the For Sale section where it shows “Cars & Trucks”. From there, enter the model year and car and you will hopefully find similar deals to what I have come up with.

#1. 2006 Ford Mustang GT [craigslist posting]

The 2006 Mustang was a nice year the iconic all American muscle car we have all come to love so dearly. In 2005 the Ford Mustang got one of the biggest body style makeovers in the history of the sports car, and the car looked beautiful. There were some minor issues with the brand new model, however, and in 2006 there were a few minor updates and tweaks made to the car to bring it up to par. By seeking the 2006 model, we are ensuring that the car is not only a little newer, but received some of that well needed love that Ford put into their pony car, and you will love the results. The car is beautiful, classic, and will run perfectly well into the 150,000 mile mark before you start to experience some serious wear and tear. The numbers also speak for themselves:

2006 Ford Mustang GT Coupe
MPG: 15/23
Engine: V8 300HP@5750 RPM
0-60: 5.1 Seconds

For comparison purposes, the 2012 Infiniti G37 ($37k+) accelerates to 60 MPH in 5.0 seconds, just a tenth of a second faster, with over a twenty thousand dollar price premium.

#2. 2006 BMW 330i

BMW has one of the most sought after used cars in the market today: the `06-`12 BMW 33x sedans which are one of the best iterations of the volume sports cars from the Bavarian motor enthusiasts. The car is one of the most refined, smooth and powerful cars you can get for the money, and in 2006, like the Ford Mustang, there were some significant updates and redesigns implemented into the agile and smooth sports car from BMW. By combining a blazing fast v6 engine with 255 HP, the car feels “safe and secure” on the road according to Car & Driver, one of the top car information resources available today.

2006 BMW 330i Sedan
MPG: 20/30
Engine: V6 255HP@6600 RPM
0-60: 6.2 Seconds

Although the 0-60 times from the Bimmer are slower than the Mustang, the cars handles beautifully, and is one of the most luxurious sports cars that you can get in this price range. Keep your eye out for a good deal; due to the brand new 335i that came out in 2012, the price on the older models have dropped significantly and you can likely pick up a nice deal on the 330i for around 10 thousand dollars if you are a good negotiator and you look hard enough.

Stay tuned for some more options, I will be adding some more cars as I find them!

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