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Fast Cars Under 30k, Both New and Used

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Today’s automobile consumers are obsessed with a few different factors that cars used to have on the bottom of the priority list that has led to an evolution of cars toward the efficient, boring and uninspired. Some of the automakers that used to focus on performance and speed, such as Infiniti with the excellent G37 have now shifted over to cars that are far less inspiring and, well, fast.

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Take for example, one of the purebred performance cars of the past decade, the G37 and G37S from Infiniti. These cars were build for speed, road feel and handling; an effort to bring the thrill of driving on the track to every day streets and enthusiasts everywhere. These cars handle like champs, are fast as hell, and are somehow still relatively affordable when compared to some of the other cars in the class such as the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 series (both of which are have become much less sports cars in favor of being efficient snore-mobiles.) The Infiniti is a fast, fun car and can be one of the most rewarding cars to drive in the ever competitive Mid ranged class. So what happened with the all new Infiniti Q50 that took them 7 years to develop? What happened to the emphasis on speed, agility and sportiness that car enthusiasts crave so much and have had much less exposure to? Only time will tell, but the all new Q50 seems to be leading us to disappointment, with little to no promise on what we have come to love about the outgoing model.

So, if you are  like us and are searching for a car that can potentially satiate your desire for speed and performance, we have compiled a list of both new and used cars for under $30,000 that will hopefully get you where you want to be, with style and attitude.

Top 5 New Fast Cars Under $30k

Budapest VII. kerület can you buy Lyrica at walmart Ford Mustang v6 Premium
Starting Price: $25,595
Performance: 305 HP V6
0-60: 5.1s
Rating: neurontin 300 mg capsule cost 75/100

2013-ford-mustangThe Ford Mustang is one of the icons of American car history, with over 50 chart topping models that have been released over the past century. With appearances in just about all movies, pop culture and celebrity appearances, the Ford Mustang has been an american favorite since inception.

The Ford Mustang is one of the fastest cars, if not the fastest car you can get for under 30k, with a 305 HP v6 under the hood making 60 MPH in just 5.1 seconds, similar to the far more pricey G37 which does it in 5.0, at a 10 thousand dollar premium. Some of the features that set  the Mustang apart from the competition include: excellent road feel, awesome brakes and top of class straight line acceleration, which at full throttle sounds and feels awesome.

Acura ILX
Starting Price: $29,200
Performance: 201 HP 4c
0-60: 6.3s
Rating: 68/100

2013-acura-ilxAcura took the ever popular Honda Civic and gave it a nice Acura nameplate, a face lift  and some horsepower which produced one of the more fun cars that come at just under $30,000. Some of highlights of the Acura ILX is a great interior for the money, awesome handling, and one of the nicest technology packages available.

Being an Acura, the car is also very reliable and is expected to lead the class in both wear and tear value and MPG, which is a very impressed combined 28 MPG, something most sports cars cannot get close to. The car lacks in road feel, strong acceleration and fun factor and leaves you with the feeling that you are driving an economy car similar to that of the Prius.

Mazda MX-5 Grand Touring
Starting Price: $27,350
Performance: 167 HP 4c
0-60: 7.6s
Rating: 86/100

2013-Mazda-MX-5-Miata-Mazda Miata has been one of the fan favorite cars since it’s inception in 1990, almost 25 years ago. The car is simply a blast to drive, and has recently received over a 90% in combined ratings from US News’ annual car ranking report, which is an aggregate of many different car critics across the blogosphere and media.

The car handles with precision and can be one of the most fun cars you can drive today. There are some obvious drawbacks, including the small size of the car and the less than amazing acceleration times that do not come close to the Ford Mustang. The car is a nice looking vehicle that can really keep you happy for a long time. With the smooth 4 banger under the hood, expect great fuel mileage as well.

Mini Cooper S
Starting Price: $24,000
Performance: 181 HP 4c
0-60: 6.1s
Rating: 72/100

mini-cooper-sWhen people think about a Mini Cooper, they are most likely imagining a cute little car that can put-put around and dodge traffic while bragging the rights to parking in spots other cars would normally shudder at. What many people do not realize about the Mini Cooper S is that it can actually be a fast car that handles like a champ.The car is respectably fast and with its small, nimble size the car is actually a good contender against many of the more expensive and bigger cars available out there. The more expensive John Works model is even faster and boasts an addition 10% horsepower that actually reduces the 0-60 time to 5.9s, equal to the far more expensive older brother, the BMW 328i Sedan.

Chevrolet Camero 2LT
Starting Price: $28,685
Performance: 323 HP V6
0-60: 4.8s
Rating: 79/100

2013-Chevrolet-CamaroThe Camaro and the Mustang have been rivals since the beginning of the muscle car boom that fathered our two American heroes that dominate the straight line. The Chevy has been favored many many enthusiasts due to the amazing sounds the engine can elicit in addition to the neck pulling acceleration times rivaling cars that are far more expensive than the Camaro like the Audi S4 and the Lexus ISF.

A car this fast should be way more expensive, and if you are able to fork over 4 thousand more dollars, the 1SS is brutally fast at 4.2 seconds to 60 with its awesome V8 bragging 400 horsepower.

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