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Infinity Q 50 Reviews

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Interior aspects of Infinity Q50

Infinity Q50 technical features

The Q50 is planned to launch in the Unites States of America in the second half of 2013. According to the manufactures the car was designed to compete with the BMW-3 series. Here is a quick glance of the basic technical features of the car. The Infiniti Q50  will be released with two different variants. The first variant of Infiniti Q50 is equipped with a 3.7 liter,  328 HP V6 engine. These figures can very well raise the adrenaline levels of majority of the car enthusiasts. The next variant is equipped with even a much more powerful engine. The second  variant boasts of a 3.5liter, 354 HP V6  hybrid engine. Read to know more about the Infinity Q50 in detail.

chock Interior aspects of Infinity Q50

The interior aspects of Infinity Q 50 are worth mentioning. The striking aspect of the console of the car is the V shaped design imparted in the middle of the car console. The V shaped design of the console will add a cockpit sensation to the steering console. The dashboard of the vehicle carries two touchscreen options that are designed for specific purposes. The touch screen options are incorporated one above the other, the one that is found on the top houses the navigation functions of the vehicle. The touchscreen below it displays various app functions. The app functions include the options to access Facebook, Online search, Pandora etc. The stereo options of the vehicle are found below this touchscreen.

The manufacturers have done their best to enhance the interior space of the car. Ample space is provided  below the dashboard for the front seat passenger and the driver. The steering wheel of the vehicle is designed to impart a sporty look to the Infinity Q50. The steering is equipped with a special feature known as “Direct Adaptive Steering”. This feature helps to tilt or adjust the position of the vehicle’s steering in four different ways. With this added facility the driver can adjust the position of the steering in order to enjoy better riding comforts. “Active Line Control Technology”helps to adjust even the slightest of the steering movements caused due to the uneven leveling of the road. The seats of the vehicle are specially crafted to enhance the spacing of the interiors. A lot of care and precision is taken to enhance the seating comforts. The seats are quite suitable for long distance journeys. The back seats are specially  designed to impart maximum riding comfort for the passengers. In order to enhance back seat riding comforts the position of the B pillar of the car is

hybrid variant

Infinity Q50 performance aspects

shifted slightly to the forward.

buy prednisone without Power transmission options of the vehicle

To tame the V6 beast, Infinity Q 50 is equipped with a 7 speed automatic transmission option which can also be controlled manually. To give a sports car appeal the vehicle is also equipped with a paddle shift option. 2 wheel and 4 wheel drives are possible with both the variants of Infinity Q 50. The improved suspensions incorporated in the vehicle help the driver attain a better control.

http://wetsuits24.co.uk/olux.php Boot space and additional features

The ordinary variant has an added boot space of 18 cubic feet. The hybrid variant is incorporated with a boot space of around 14 cubic feet. The reduction in the volume accounts for battery. Other features associated with Infinity Q 50 are “Automatic cruise control”, “collision warning controls” etc. The market price and the fuel consumption figures are currently not known.

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