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Jaguar to Reveal the all new Jaguar XE at 11:30 AM PST

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Breaking: Here is a blurry shot of the brand new xe before the official launch:

Here is the official launch video:


The long wait is almost over. Prepare to be blown away by what promises to be one of the most important cars of the decade for Jaguar. If the XE does not perform to expectations in the overcrowded entry level luxury sport sedan segment, Jaguar, and parent company TATA motors could be in trouble with their luxury brand. The Jaguar XE¬†promises to bring style and sportiness to a segment crowded with all of that and more, with contenders such as the BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and Inftiniti, each offering a unique car that has it’s niche crowd- unless you are BMW who has just about every crowd. The Jaguar XE is going to offer a class first all aluminum frame, promising unequalled driving dynamics and weight distribution that is usually found in cars that are nearly twice the cost. If Jaguar can deliver to expectations, the XE can prove to be the brands vitality and bring new brand awareness to an already struggling market in the US and overseas.


It isn’t all flowery at Jaguar though, the XE must perform really well or the brand could be in trouble and perhaps die off. The XE is thought of as 1 last attempt to be a contender in the market; if this effort does not play out, Jaguar may be forced to resign to remain a niche, fashion brand similar to Austin Martin, and slowly back out of the mainstream competition. Let’s see what 11:30 AM brings us. You can watch the live Jaguar XE reveal here.

Update: London spectators spot what looks like a Jaguar XE flying over london. Check it out.

Update: Teaser video from Sun Motors:


Follow the twitter conversation:

Teaser photo from Jaguar XE:

jaguar-feels-the-love jaguar-xe-teaser-photo

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