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Watch out BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Jaguar is looking to join the fun

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Jaguar has recently announced a new 3-series fighter, the Jaguar XE, to be based on the all new Jaguar exclusive aluminum based chasis. The car will feature a home-built turbo 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder borrowed from the larger XF, and should be priced around $50-60k. This is big news for Jaguar, a company that is looking to increase market share in segment that is massively competitive. In fact, Lexus has recently rejoined the luxury club with sales that are just barely missing BMW’s 3-series domination from the all new IS 250 and 350, an entry-level luxury sedan from Lexus that is already turning heads. The Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Mercedes A and Class, and now the Lexus IS250 and 350 are all competing for the profitable and high volume entry luxury segment, and Jaguar is looking to overtake BMW and reigning king.

Jaguar claims that the aluminum frame is good enough in performance and weight to be the best car in the segment, and quite frankly, it must be if Jaguar wants a fighting chance at remaining as a viable brand. Like Porche and even Range Rover, many luxury brands are reaching lower to attract more volume to allow sustain for the purist sports cars and niche serving cars like the Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-Type, both of which are excellent vehicles that need funding from other models due to increased competition for the ultra luxury segment.

The Jaguar XE may be what sports car and luxury buyers alike are looking for: fresh blood that has a focus on style, technology and performance. Many automakers have come a long way from where they segment was 10 years ago, but arguably nobody has completely perfected it other than the almighty BMW 3-series. If Jaguar can get this right, expect Tata Motors to have a big impact on the car marketplace and how competitors benchmark performance and luxury in the ever expanding mid luxury class.

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