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2012 LA Auto Show to Debut 2013 Toyota Rav4

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The Toyota Rav 4 has become one of America’s favorite compact SUV’s or CUV’s over the past few years. With the huge success in this competitive segment, many new cars have come and tried to gain market share from the profitable and relatively young market, causing Toyota’s RAV4 to experience a drop in sales and some serious competition from auto makers such as Hyundai, Mazda and Honda, with the Santa Fe, Cx-5 and CR-v respectively. Due to the increased competition  consumer interest and therefore high potential profits, the small sized SUV segment is one of the quickest growing segments in the auto industry today.

The 2013 Rav4, therefore, could not be coming at a better time. The current 2012 RAV4 has sold it’s heart out, but the car is starting to show its age inside and outside; the styling is boring for todays standards and the interior is missing many features that people have come to expect by todays standards. The current RAV4 has a pitiful 4 cylinder engine that is an unpopular engine, and the V6 provides ample power to the aging gold mine.

With the brand new RAV4 set to debut, it is anyones guess as to how Toyota plans on styling the profitable car, however based on the teaser video posted by Toyota, the Rav4 seems to have taken many styling queues from the all new 2012 Toyota Camry, reviewed here.

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The all new 2014 Toyota Rav4 has officially made it’s debut at the 2012 LA Auto show! The new car comes packed with new changes and updates, most notably to the aging interior/exterior and the removal of the v6 engine, which is now replaced with a 2.5L 4 cylinder engine. The removal of the v6 came to a shock to many people as it was expected to roll over into the new vehicle; it was one of the differences between the Rav4 and the other CUV competitors in it’s class. On the official Toyota.com website there is extended information including the new specs and the changes to the car. Here is a side by side comparison with the notable changes between the outgoing model and the Windsor all new 2014 Toyota Rav4.

2012 Rav4 2014 Rav4
 Engines Offered:  4cyl, v6 4cyl
 Rear Gate Direction: sideways top
 Spare Tire: door mount  space saver interior
 Max. Seating  7  5
 Drivetrain  FWD  FWD/AWD

As shown in the chart, the new Rav4 has some significant changes that addressed both consumer interest and the ability for Toyota to cut costs by eliminating unpopular choices, such as the v6 engine and the rear-mounted spare tire (which was one of our favorites, sadly). There has been a lot of buzz as to the limitation of power that the new model will offer and how it will affect the ability for the car to work off road, something the old model actually excelled at.

One of the nice changes was the reintroduction of the AWD option that was so sorely missed in the past generation of Toyota Rav4. Many of the people who were interested in off-roading with the vehicle found it extremely difficult without the ability for all of the tires to kick in, especially when faced with hills or other obstacles that could potentially require a major boost in controllable power. The car is still likely to be one of the most popular mini-suv’s on the market, so do not fret too much.

As far as the exterior styling goes, many people believe that the new Rav4 is safe and secure with an interest in following trends and attracting the same market that have until now. This comes as no surprise to us; this has been Toyota’s traditional approach. The car is more compact, will likely be somewhat lighter, and the styling is clearly picking up a lot of design details from the brand new 2012 Toyota Camry, which debuted last year as an all-new model. The Rav4 will likely remain as a volume option for Toyota, with affordable pricing options and great rebates.

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