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Brand new Infiniti G37 at 2012 Auto Show

Volgograd Fans of the awesome 2012 Infiniti G37 are in for a huge shock from Infiniti: The all-new 2014 G37 may debut at the LA Auto Show, based on numerous spy photos that have been seen on autoblog.com, on jalopnik.com and right here on carsoholics.com, where we covered the spy photos of the all new 2014 G37 from Infiniti.

Vasa Expect the new car to come with entirely new styling, a brand new interior and possibly a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine in place of the super smooth 3.7L v6 that comes on the outgoing model of the G37. Also expect some disappointing but important gas savings tricks such as  power assist steering to replace the communicative hydrolic assist system that the current owners have fallen in love with; it is one of the best steering feel experience you can get in a car today.

http://fabcare.com/portfolio-category/media/ We predict a brand new drive train, new engine options, and maybe even a hybrid model for the 2015 year. Stay tuned, we will update this thread with updates as they come out!

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