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Maintenance Aspects Of A Car Battery

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How to store your car battery

The car battery plays a vital role in the overall performance of your car as it is responsible for the ignition. As you all know without a battery you cannot even start your vehicle. Batteries are incorporated in all vehicles, be it an ordinary car, SUV or a bus. Most people especially the senior citizens, who do not involve in frequent driving, often end up with battery related problems. The problem is caused due to battery draining. No or little use will result in the drainage of your battery. These problems are connected with improper usage and it will affect the performance of your vehicle. This article will let you know more about battery maintenance and the tips connected with its usage.

Petrogradka What is a dead battery?

This is what I have mentioned in the introduction. No or little usage of the vehicle will result in a dead battery. Once the battery becomes dead it has to be replaced. The deterioration in the performance of the battery can be determined from unexpected hault of the vehicle, starting problems etc. The battery needs to be charged at regular intervals of time and it is vital for its proper functioning. If you do not sit behind the wheel very often, ‘on’ the ignition of your car for a couple of minutes and ensure that the battery does not get drained.

Lindenholt Battery storage

storing options

car battery storing options

Always store your battery in a cool and dry environment. Do not subject the battery to chemicals or fire. This can become hazardous and may result in serious injuries. The ideal temperature for storing your battery is between 32 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool temperatures will always help to enhance the life of your battery. Keep away the battery from hot and humid environments. Always charge the battery to the maximum prior to the storage. Make use of the charger that suits the technical aspects of your battery. Charge your battery for around 10 hours. Uninstall the connections already made on your battery before you store it.

Bamberg Best car battery cleaning options

Check your car battery on a weekly basis to detect corrosion on the terminals. Prolonged use may corrode the visible ends of the terminals. You may clean the corroded surface of the terminals with the help of baking soda powder.

Seek the help of a car technician in order to come up with the best car battery. Thanks for reading!




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