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More On Car Battery Cable Installation

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car battery cable installation

A car battery is installed in a car to support ignition. Without the best car battery, you can’t even start the engine of your vehicle. The actual function of the car battery is to supply current to start off the starter motor, which in turn starts the engine. The car battery is responsible for the functioning of all other electrical devices installed in the car like the car stereo, head lamps, seat lights etc. Battery cables play a very important role in the proper functioning of the battery. Problems can occur to the cables due to no or less maintenance. Starting problems can arise due to loose or torn out cables. Yearly replacement of battery cables can sort out the starting problems. Here are the instructions to perform the same.

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  • Locate the negative terminal of the battery and uninstall the cable connected to it, with the help of spanner. Work out the spanner in the anticlockwise direction to remove the nut that holds the cable on to the negative terminal. The “-“ sign indicates the negative terminal.
  • Perform the same procedure for positive terminal of the battery in order to remove the cable. The “+” sign indicates positive terminal.

    install battery cable

    install car battery cable

  • Locate the other end of the positive cable. The other end is connected to the starter solenoid. The cable is attached to the solenoid with the help of a nut. Uninstall the cable from the solenoid by making use of the spanner. Rotate the nut in the anticlockwise direction and then gently remove the cable.
  • Now you may install the new cable on the same spot of the starter solenoid. Attach the end of the new cable on the same spot. Use the spanner to tighten the nut in the clock wise direction.
  • The other end of the negative cable is usually grounded. Uninstall the cable from its grounded location with the help of spanner.
  • Install one end of the new negative cable to the ground terminal. Make use of the spanner in order to fix it tightly on to the ground terminal. Work the spanner in the clockwise direction in order to attach the same.
  • Now you may attach the ends of both the cables to the respective battery terminals according to the signs or symbols. Tighten the terminal bolts with a spanner.
  • Do not ever interchange the connections to the terminal.

Always install the best car battery for maximum performance of your vehicle. Thanks for reading.



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