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New Cars Under 15000

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The top 3 new cars under $15,000:

 chevorlet-aveo-2012  2012 Chevorlet Aveo
starting MSRP*
 2012-hyundai-accent  2012 Hyundai Accent
starting MSRP*
 2012-ford-fiesta  2012 Ford Fiesta
starting MSRP*

People have been extremely budget conscience in the past decade when it came to many large purchases. Home prices have shot down, prices for luxury goods have gone down substantially in both supply and price, due to far less demand, and the automotive market has matured from a sportscar horsepower frenzy to some of the most fuel efficient cars we have ever seen in the history of automaking and sales in the United States. The philosophy of auto makers is to go with what sells, and in this case, it is the most fuel efficient, engaging, and all around well-balanced car that money can find.

Which brings us to an intersting pricing bracket, cars under 15000. If you were to approach a dealer 10 years ago and asked for a car that was under 20,000 that could perform well, bring you good gas mileage and even be a bit fun to drive, the dealer would point you over to the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry– and that would be the end of your options. Both cars barely make the cut of the cars under 20000 bracket, and both cars don’t really deliver in the fun category; they are known as sensible family cars for the middle aged family man demographic. But a lot has changed since the introduction of the new hype on the “MPG”.

Best car under $15,000?

The best car that is under $15k is the Hyundai Accent. The car performs very well, is pretty comfortable, and has best in class



fit and finish. The excellent fuel mileage of a combined 40 MPG is bound to keep your wallet out of the gas stations reach; or at least a lot less than some of the more powerful and less economical cars such as the Scion FR-S. One of the key features of the Hyundai Accent that makes it such a great purchase is the way the car feels light on its “feet”. The turns are solid, the balance is great, and the car feels overall very poised, even in the most challenging situations. One of the biggest drawbacks, however, is the lack of available torque when you are looking to make a pass in lane or looking to hit the speed on the green. The car seems to be a little heavy when you are trying to get it to perform under pressure. Remember, for the unbelievable price of only $12,445 you can’t ask for an engine that is that of the more powerful Hyundai’s. But what you can expect is a decently fun ride, some sweet MPG and a nice amount of features (even on the stripped model) that you would end up paying a lot more for with another car such as the Camry or Corolla from Toyota.

Ford Fiesta

Another contender for the best car award will have to be presented to the mediocre Ford Fiesta, as it does bring some goods to the table that came short for the Accent. For example, the Fiesta has better tires, handles better, and feels a little more secure and tight on the road. The fit and finish, styling, engine, sound system and many other features that people are really looking for at the $15k price point are very much beneath the norm and standard of what is offered by key competitors in the class. The Fiesta comes short in too many categories and therefore remains as uninspiring runner up to the mediocre at best Hyundai Accent.

*The price shown is based on the lowest priced trim level using the manufacturer’s retail price, excluding taxes, titles and registration fees. ² Total rebates and incentives available are estimated and may vary based on vehicle, trim level, and or region; see dealer for details. Pricing indicated may be less than MSRP, it is based on the lowest MSRP minus the estimated available incentives offered by the manufacturer; see dealer for details.

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