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New cars under 20000

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New cars under 20000

 2012-hyundai-elantra  2012 Hyundai Elantra
starting MSRP*
 2012-mazda3  2012 Mazda Mazda3
starting MSRP*
 2012-fiat-500  2012 Fiat 500
starting MSRP*
 2012-kia-optima  2012 Kia Optima
starting MSRP*
 2012-Hyundai-Sonata  2012 Hyundai Sonata
starting MSRP*
 2012-volkswagen-passat  2012 VW Passat
starting MSRP*

In todays economy, finding a great deal on a car is becoming one of the most important deciding factors for consumers today. So what can your 20 thousand hard earned dollars get you in 2012? We have listed the 3 best new cars under 20,000 to help you decide on your next set of wheels. Keep in mind that this guide is based on our opinion and testing of the cars, and you may want to continue your research before making your final purchase. We also suggest you test drive each car and really get a feel for it.

1) The 2012 Subaru Legacy



The subaru legacy is one of the best cars for the money period, and the starting at $19,995 Subaru legacy is a fine choice when searching for a car under 20000. The Legacy offers tons of standard options you would find in much better cars. Additionally the drive and the feel of the car simply seem refined and worth the money. They car is intelligent on the road, and the exterior styling resembles that of the more expensive Accord, americas 2nd to favorite option. Here are some of the options that come on the well equipped baseline Legacy.

– a whopping 31 MPG

Cars in this class tend to have high MPG, but with the excellent engine options, the nicely styled exterior and the great standard options the car offers, it is a wonder that they MPG is so high, offering even more value to the owner.

– 170HP engine with CVT

We preferred the CVT Automatic transmission to the manual transmission, with a comfortable 6 speed.

– beautiful cloth interior

Excellent cloth interior with tons of space makes this car seem like it should cost a lot more.

2) 2012 Ford Fusion 



Although the technical sticker price of the Ford Fusion is actually 20,200, we have still listed it in this club as the car is simply too good to pass. The Fusion offers excellent gas mileage, great interior space, and a beautifully styled interior dashboard that makes the car feel like a luxury vehicle. The engine is also quite nice, with a nice handling feel and a great audio system , even on the baseline model. The MSRP is just above the 20000 mark, but due to the economy and the slow rate of sales, the price is easily negotiable to around the $19,000 mark, making this car an excellent choice for anyone budget conscious.

The cloth seat interior is also environment friendly, and offers the bragging rights of knowing that your cloth interior is mostly recyclable and therefore advertised as “Eco friendly” a term that Ford has loved to use over the years. The Fusion also offers excellent and aggressive styling that seems to be a class ahead of its time, creating a ferocious look on the hood of the car due to the excellent chrome grill.

3) 2012 Hyundai Sonata



Although the hyundai sonata has arguably the nicest styling, the best interior and possibly the best car for the money, the car falls short in other extremely important ranking factors for the new cars under 20000 comparison. Firstly, the MPG on the Sonata is just barely ok, offering a combined MPG of 24/35. This would be a nice statistic for MPG but against the excellent Fusion and even better Legacy, the Sonata falls short.

The sonata is our 3rd pick however, and we still recommend the sonata if you have 20000 to spend on a new car and are undecided as to which car you want to get.

So, now you know which cars we have chosen that fit under the new cars under 20000 criteria, go head and get yourself some wheels!



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