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New Mid Level Luxury Cars for 2019

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http://childpsychiatryassociates.com/treatment-team/ronald-rinehart/ronald_rinehart-600/ With new car sales slowly declining in the past 4 years since a record high peak of 7,918,601 units in 2014, it is no surprise that competition for the mid-level luxury cars has been stronger than ever to capture the $50-75k sweet spot in mid-level luxury land yachts. With the iconic BMW 3-series and the near best selling Audi A6, competition is fierce. Here are the most notable sedans for 2019:

buy canibus Lyrical law 1. 2019 Audi A7 – From $68,000


2019  aud -a7 rear lights

2019 audi -a7 rear lights

Audi a7 2019 Interior dual display

Audi a7 2019 Interior dual display

Sister car with the best selling Audi A6, the all-new a7 is Audi’s newest expression of effortless style and luxury; but this time with class-leading technology and design. The new a7 comes with standard dual screen interior, brand new aesthetics and an Audi first single bar rear tail light design that is sure to become a corporate rendition for the style-forward car maker.

Sharing the platform with the all-new A6, the new a7 has sharper style lines and all new color options, and with savings on the starting MSRP from $1,700 cheaper than the 2018 outgoing model. As of press time, Audi still hasn’t released the online configurator until the expected 2019 Audi a7 release date of Late October/Early November in time for the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.







where do i buy clomid online 2. 2019 BMW 3-Series

2019-bmw-3-series 2019-bmw-3-series-side-view bmw-3-series-interior

Entry level luxury was created with the inception of the BMW 3 series, and for good reason; the BMW 3 series continues to lead the segment with awards and driving goodness. All-new for 2019, the 3 series brings a completely new exterior and interior reminiscent of the BMW 7 series, and a noticeably more modern body style to rival the fast selling Mercedes C-Class Sedan which is widely viewed as the most direct competitor. Although the powertrain is virtually a carryover from the outgoing 2018 model, the 2019 entry level 4 banger brings in an addition 7 Horsepower up to 255 from 248 but the car grows by 2.6-inch Length, .6 Width and .5 Inch height, which is nearly identical to the Mercedes C-Class. The Torque difference is a whopping 295 LB-FT vs the outgoing 258 LB-FT which is likely to reduce the 0-60 times significantly- we estimate by 0.2-0.3 seconds.

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