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Road Traffic Accidents

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Britain is one of the countries with the safest roads in Europe. According to the ABD out of 100.000 people only 5.9 suffer a deathly outcome of a road accident, which is the lowest rate in Europe. But even if you are a careful and responsible driver, accidents can happen.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident it is very likely that you will suffer from any kind of personal injury. As a victim you are not only suffering from pain and poor health, but you might also experience significant financial losses (if you miss time at work, have to pay for medical treatments etc.).

road-traffic-accidents-fast-carBut it is your legal right to make a claim for compensation for any road traffic accident that was caused by another party. It thereby doesn’t make a difference if the injury one has suffered is minor or severe. It is legal to file a claim, because every car holder has to fulfil the requirement to have insurance and the insurance company will pay for any compensation that occurs directly from accident claims.

As for most claims, you and your solicitor must proof that the accident was not caused by you and your solicitor can help you identify who that individual responsible is and also gather more information about the accident and insurance. Together with your solicitor you need prove that a duty of care owed to you or the road traffic law was breached which effectively caused the accident and subsequent injury. You also need proof of an injury. The severity of this injury, along with the extent of its damage, will dictate the value of any compensation awarded. Your solicitor will help you gather this information from medical or hospital records for example.  A medical report can be crucial in your claim-case as it can help to prove that any injuries suffered were a result of the accident and essentially improve your chance when it comes to compensation.

Apart from the compensation for injuries suffered, you may also be an entitled to receive compensation for any financial losses experienced as a result of the accident. Injuries like broken bones or injuries to the head, spine or back will force you to take time off work and might have impacts on your future work life and employment, and therefore you income.

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