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Official Wipe New

Official Wipe New

Carsoholics.com works with a few different suppliers to bring you the best products for your car. We have tested many different products, and have narrowed a few of our favorites:

http://acorncentre.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://acorncentre.co.uk/events/social-badminton/ Wipe New

Wipe new is one of the best ways to get your old car looking new and fabulous. We tested this product on a few of our friends cars that could use a freshening, and we saw some substantial results.

great site About Wipe New

Wipe new works to hide faded bumpers, foggy headlamps, weather or sun damaged paint on your car. We have tried numerous top of the products to remove these ailments, but have failed to realize results worth mentioning. The only luck we ever had was bringing the car into a professional paint restoration auto body shop, which was extremely expensive and time consuming. The results from the shop were actually similar to what we got with Wipe New, which we think is amazing. We are astounded as to the potential results that Wipe New can yield benefit to anyone who has an aging car, and we highly recommend the product to our friends and family. Wipe New is truly a money saver, can be even be fun to use.

http://mococo.org/?option=com_acym Interior Car Restoration

Whats amazing about the product is that it also works really well on the interior, not just the exterior. We used it on our dashboard, leather seats, doorsills, door jambs and many other parts of the car that were a little too obvious about their age.

What we did was first find a car that was old looking in a few different trouble areas:

wipe-new-restoration • Rusty Paint / Faded Paint / Spotted Paint

The paint on the car would seem dull and lifeless, as if the car was rusted and been through a couple wars. WE used wipe new vigorously and carefully, systematically working along the car to ensure that the entire paint coat had the wipe new applicator come in contact with it in even, smooth strokes. It is important to keep the application even among the whole car, or you may end up with an uneven look that doesn’t give you the desired effect. We then washed the car, and took some before and after photos for your viewing pleasure.

wipe-new-before-after• Foggy Headlight covers

Headlight covers can often get very foggy and ugly, and without spending the proper attention on them you can actually have a reduction in visibility at night from a weaker beam due to impaired luminosity from the headlamps. Using wipe new on both the inside and outside of the transparent headlight case and the bulbs themselves worked magic in our tests. My wife actually thought I had purchased new headlamps and demanded I do the same for her… Little does she know it was all done with the Wipe New!

faded_paint_restoration• Foggy Windows

Having foggy windows can actually cause accidents, reduce outward visibility and really hurt your quality of driving. The risks go up substantially in the rain as the fog can blur your vision, and the wipers cannot work as well as they might on a fully transparent viewing pane. Using Wipe New on the windows really helped us on a few of our restoration cars, especially on the cherry red one below:

Try Wipe New today!

If you are interested in trying out Wipe New, we suggest you head over to the official Wipe New website and give it a shot, you really have very little to lose and the pricing will be far eclipsed by the benefit you will get from using this awesome car restoration product. Happy restoring!

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