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Stretchy Magic Lid Does Not Stretch To Your Needs

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Stretchy Magic

       Stretchy Magic does not suit your needs

Do not purchase silica container lids labeled as Stretchy Magic! It is disheartening to share my story. I happened to see the product ad and ordered the lid to manage the space constraints in my kitchen and refrigerator. However, to my dismay, the product was an utter failure! It appeared good in the ad but it came with no practical use. The lid stretches when you apply force. In fact, it is quite difficult to attach and remove the lid from the containers!

Stretchy magic comes with supporting projections through its sides. These projections take out the convenience expected from a silicon container lid. It requires more space to store the containers. Since it requires more space, it will not be suitable for storing foods in a space constraint kitchen and refrigerator. Furthermore, the food stored in the container does not remain safe for long. In fact, the shelf life of food stored with the Stretchy Magic lid is limited.

Stretchy Magic lid

    Stretchy Magic limits shelf life

Once I removed the container lid. I noticed that it never came back to its original size as the advertisement claimed. This makes it difficult for you to reuse the lid to its fullest efficiency. Moreover, the product did not suit on all bowls. The use of the container lid is limited to certain bowls only. It is not suitable for extra large bowls as well, since it comes only in six sizes.

As I said earlier, the lids cannot regain its original size once it is stretched and used; this makes it vulnerable to tearing. This makes the product useless and limits its use to a few times. Moreover, the manufacturer has not mentioned about the kind of material that goes in to the making of the lid. I bet, Stretchy Magic is not a product worth buying for the price!

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