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Subaru BRZ VS Scion FR-S: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Or Do They?

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Toyota always has a generous side when it comes to helping other car brands by providing them with their knowledge and technological expertise. But they do have their own motives behind the generosity. There will be a catch. The simultaneous launch of the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S is an example of their internal motives. The BRZ was developed as a joint venture of Toyota and Subaru and Toyota made a similar car for its own Scion brand of cars and christened it the FR-S. So what happened here is that you have two cars with the same dimension and specifications but in different cosmetic avatars.

This calls for a review more than a comparison but we were quite convinced with the differences to make a comparison of the two. But as you read through, you may see that a clear winner among the two is difficult to select because both satisfy almost all of the criteria required for a car in their class.

The cars at a glance

As for the looks, well except for the bumpers and the logo, there is nothing that separates the two. Of course the choice of color is different for both the cars with specific shades looking pretty impressive in either of the vehicles. A peep inside both the cars, you will be surprised to see a pretty decent upholstery and a well crafted cabin. Since they are just sports cars meant for the masses, nobody would expect them to offer such quality interiors. The plastic does not feel too plasticky and the integrated music and infotainment systems looks well set. However, the FR-S requires an upgrade in price if it were to get the standard entertainment features incorporated with the BRZ. But the prize would be the same as the BRZ even after the upgrade. So this decision from Scion is rather annoying.

Scion brand of cars

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Performance capabilities

The cars are meant for sporty driving and the most prolific of drivers will note that when it comes to handling, the FR-S offers a slightly better experience than the BRZ. However, it may appear quite normal to a normal sports car enthusiast. Under the hood of both the cars lies a 2.0 liter horizontally opposed four cylinder engine that chugs out an impressive 200 horses at 7000 revs and an ample amount of torque which stands at 150 pound feet at just 6600 rpm. Both the brands did not forget about the love of sound sports car enthusiasts have for their desired vehicles. The engine makes pretty much of a peppy rev noise to get your adrenaline pumped up. The cars have a 6 speed manual transmission as well as a 6 speed automatic transmission paired to the engine so that you can either enjoy the full raw power at your discretion or let the engine provide you with the most optimum power at the right time automatically.

The Subaru BRZ retails for around $25,495 with the entertainment and music system included while the Scion FR-S offers a more affordable variant at just $24,930 but without the in-car entertainment system. Including the entertainment utility makes its pricing on par with the BRZ.

So with the introduction of these near identical twin cars, the sports car market in America just got more exciting and as the trend shows, the masses are finally becoming capable of enjoying the thrills of a sports car with their constrained budgets.

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