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The All New Infiniti JX35

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The luxury SUV

You might be familiar with the luxury car manufacturer Infinity. They are actually a division of the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. They have been making cars for the US markets for more than twenty years. They have launched a number of good models in the US, which were accepted widely. In addition to the US market, their cars are now marketed in more than fifteen countries across the globe.

The Infinity launched their latest model of SUV JX35 in the beginning of 2013. While making this car, they’ve had a few goals in sight. The main goal was the volume. By volume, they mean to provide more space in the interiors, and also to produce and sell a maximum number of cars. Since the Japanese are famous for providing good quality luxury cars at very low prices, this won’t be difficult for them to achieve.

Size Matters

The Infinity JX35 is a designed to accommodate seven people. The seats are arranged in three rows, with the front and the back rows easily accommodating two persons each, whereas the middle row can have three people seated comfortably in it. Since the car has got enough leg room in front of even the back seats, a person slightly over six feet tall wouldn’t feel inconvenienced. This car is suitable for large families, especially if you have to drop your kids off at different places and pick them back up every day kids.

Engine Specifications

The JX35 is powered by a 3.5 liter, six-cylinder V 6 engine, which produces a power of up to 265 hp. This is probably why the company defines it as a sports car; however, this might not be acceptable to all our drivers.


The transmission used in the JX35 is the front wheel drive constantly variable transmission, which is a type of automatic transmission. In constantly variable transmission or CVT the gear ratio automatically varies with the engine speed. The gear ratio is rather smoother than the other transmissions, since there is no shifting of gears. This is the first infinity that uses CVT transmission. Even though most of the models of the JX35 are available only with two wheel drive transmissions, some all-wheel-drive models of this car are also available. Our test driver reports that the handling on the two wheel drive models is not as good as promised. However, the handlings of the all wheel drive models are satisfactory.


features of JX35

Since the JX35 is a pretty big car, a number of features are included in it to make it easy to be handled by everyone. One of the important features of this cadre is the Backup Collision Intervention. It makes use of the radar and sonar sensors in the rear side of the car to scan obstacles in the path while driving in reverse, and applies the brakes automatically when some near obstacles are found. It can safely stop the vehicle from hitting an obstacle even when the car is traveling at a speed of 5 mph. This feature is useful especially while parking in busy areas.

Price Of The Car

Different models of the JX35 are available at different prices. The price of JX35 ranges from $42,000 to $54,000. The Japanese car manufacturers are famous for providing highly quality, high performance cars at comparatively cheap prices. This trend is true in the case of the JX35 also, as its price is very less compared to those of its rivals.

In order to conclude, Infinity JX35 is a car, which can accommodate seven persons at a time, and provides all the luxury within an affordable price.

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