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The Best Luxury Car Brands of 2012

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When shopping for a new luxury car in the early to mid 19th century, there were only a few notable choices that really made sense for you to buy. Fast forward some 50 odd years and you have more choices than you can choose from. If you don’t have the time to research which exact make you are interested in, and you certainly don’t have it in you to test drive 15 or so vehicles, read on and discover who are the top Luxury car brands in the $50,000 mid auto segment.

1. Audi A6

2012 Audi a6

2012 Audi a6

The Audi A6 has been a relatively slow selling vehicle when compared to its little brother, the infamous A4, Audi’s bread and butter fast seller. The A6 used to offer very little more than the budget focused small sedan making it hard to justify the extra cash you had to fork over- for maybe a little more horsepower and luxury interior feel. In late 2011 Audi debuted their all new and vastly improved mid luxury sedan, the beautifully perfected A6, taking the segment by force that has since not been able to come back from; the A6 remains king. The car is excellent in every way you would want at this price: The steering is connected and precise, the engine is smooth, powerful and quiet (unless your foot has met the floor mat), the all-new interior is magnificent and luxurious, and the car feels overall very well made, from the interior attention to detail, to the excellent and muscular styling on the exterior. The all new A6 is the #1 choice in the midsize luxury car brand segment and will likely remain so for years to come.

2. BMW 335i

For many years now BMW has been producing some of the best engineered cars in the luxury auto segment, with great cars such as the 335i and the 528i that have been mimicked for centuries. It is therefore, with great surprise that BMW did not take the #1 spot in our annual top 3 competition. The 2012 335i is one of the best cars rated in the $40-60k segment, with awards from publications such as Car and Driver, Automobile Magazine and Road & Track, to name a few. The 3 series as been completely redone for 2012, with the newest body style (F30) selling at record rates. The smooth and powerful 300hp 335i v6 is an engine that we have seen for a few years now, but it continues to be one of the most refined v6 engines available, period. 



Now, take the 528i, one of BMW’s rare mistakes at the mid auto segment. The 5 series has long been one of BMW’s best selling cars, by mixing luxury and sportiness into a mid-sized refined sport sedan. The new iteration of BMW’s mid luxu sedan has been all but perfect, however. The excellent road feel and information the steering column brought to the driver is all but slaughtered to the new power assist steering, the car has too much body roll, and some critics have refereed to the BMW 5 series as “bloated, chunky and overweight”. Like no BMW should be, the car seems sluggish and disconnected from the road, kind of what you would expect from a Cadillac DeVille from the old days. It is because of these faults that the Audi has taken the #1 spot with the perfected and updated A6.

3. Lexus GS 350



The Lexus GS 350, like the BMW and Audi, has been redone for the 2012 auto sales year and is simply worse in almost all categories that the Audi A6 is good in. The engine feels under powered and overpriced, the interior of the GS looks almost identical to the far cheaper Lexus ES 350, and the car is very, very heavy. Because of all of this, the Lexus falls short in many ways, and has only made the #3 spot due to sub par competitors such as the Mercedes E Class and the Cadillac XTS, which is summarized as overpriced and disappointing. The redeeming factors of the Lexus however, is best in class seats, with excellent lumbar support forming one of the most comfortable seats you will find, and best in class interior noise, with a lower decibal level than Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The Lexus is also more expensive than the Audi and BMW, making it a very wise choice for those whoa re more focused on luxury than sportiness.

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  1. natnut
    Posted September 24, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    What a load of rubbish. FYI, the GS350 is about 200 lbs LIGHTER than the A6. Many reviews have rated the GS350 interior as best-in-class and major magazines like Motortrend have rated it the best current driver’s car in the mid-luxury class (over the A6 and 5 series). The problem with the A6 is it is FWD based and still nose heavy. Further its steering is accurate but lacking in feel. Please do more research before spouting misinformation.

  2. admin
    Posted September 25, 2012 at 7:37 am

    I have test driven both cars, and although you are correct about the weight (i will make the correction) the interior is absolutely not best-in-class. According to Motor Trend and Car and Driver, the BMW and the Cadillac both have better interior ratings.

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