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Tips to purchase a new car battery

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Most of us  arn’t interested in knowing more about the technical aspects of a battery before purchasing a new one from the stores. Car batteries are manufactured according to the performance output of the car. This is the reason why the technical aspects associated with the batteries vary with the type of the car. Knowing more about these  aspects will help the buyers to make the best car battery options. Here the tips to remember before you buy a new battery or replace your old one.

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The cranking amp is associated with the performance capability of your car battery. It is nothing but the output current of the battery.This is one of the most important performance related aspects of your battery. The cranking amps of a battery are tested under standard temperature conditions and the value is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The cranking amps vary according to the physical environments in which it is used. Cold weather conditions require batteries equipped with cold cranking amps. The battery testing is done at a temperature of around zero degrees Farenheit.  In short the cold cranking ampere is represented as CCA.There is a direct relation between the performance of the car and the value of CCA. The performance capabilities  of the car increases with the increase in the CCA value. This helps the car to start under cold weather conditions and will reduce all your starting troubles. Check the CCA value of the battery in the user’s manual of your car.

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RC is the short form of the reserve capacity of the car battery. This denotes the time for which the battery can supply power to the vehicle at the instances of failure of the alternator. Not many people are aware of the RC factor of the battery. This value is not normally seen on the outer covering of your battery. Seek the help of a service technician to know the exact reserve capacity of your battery. You may also browse the website of the battery manufacturers in order to gain a better understanding of the same. The  RC value is usually measured in minutes.

Check the warranty

Please do not compromise the warranty period of your battery. Long term warranty will enhance the  performance capability of the  battery. Double check the warranty of the new one before you install it.

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