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US News Car Rankings 2013

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reasonably priced small car

reasonably priced small car reviews

Here are the reviews of the 2013 released cars that belong to the “reasonably priced small car” category. These reviews are based on the user feedbacks and other test rides conducted by automobile experts. The reviews revolve around the mileage aspects and the interior features of the cars. The price of the cars is not listed in this review.

The reviews are arranged in the decreasing order of priority.

Honda Fit

So the first credit goes to the Honda Fit. It is regarded as one of the best family cars as it can accommodate a fair number of passengers. The boot capacity of the car is far better than the competitors. The “family car” categorization was made due to the fact that that the engine of the vehicle cannot deliver too much power. The Honda Fit is very easy to control and is equipped with  manual transmission. Honda fit can offer you around 30 mpg on city driving conditions and may deliver up to 34mpg on highways.

Ford Fiesta

The next preference goes to Ford Fiesta. If you are looking for driving comfort, better interiors and a descent mileage, Ford Fiesta is the best car to afford. The greatest attraction of the Ford Fiesta is its improved mileage. It is one of the most fuel efficient cars released in 2013. The car makes use of a manual transmission system that enhances the performance of the vehicle. Another worth mentioning feature equipped with Ford Fiesta is the Ford Sync infotainment device that works with the principle of voice-activation. When compared to Honda Fit, Ford Fiesta has a  lesser boot space.

Ford Focus

The next preference goes to Ford Focus. To some extent the Ford Focus can be described as a blend of the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta. But it is not true when it comes to the interiors. The vehicle is equipped with a descent boot space and delivers attractive mileage too. When compared to the Ford Fiesta, the interiors are ordinary or it’s not up to the mark. Ford Focus, not including the Focus ST model, is equipped with a 2 liter 4-cylinder engine. The base model operates on automatic transmission mode and delivers 28 mpg during city rides. It may offer you around 37 mpg on highways.

Hyundai Elantra

driving conditions

reasonably priced small car options

The fourth preference goes to the Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai Elantra is most liked for its spacious interiors. In fact Elantra is more of a driver’s car. The cabin of the vehicle is spacious enough to impart good seating comforts for the driver. The boot space of the vehicle is appreciable too. The vehicle is equipped with a 4 cylinder engine and the transmission is manual. You may also make use of the optional automatic transmission mode. One of the greatest benefits of the Hyundai Elantra is that it can be handled very smoothly. Elantra can offer you a mileage of 29 mpg on city roads and around 37 mpg on highways.


Mazda3 is the best option when you love to have fun with your car. The vehicle is very agile and the steering is sensitive too. This offers a great amount of precision in the handling of the vehicle. The Mazda 3 model is equipped with a powerful 263 HP, 4 cylinder engine that can really lift your adrenaline. But a  drawback connected with the car, is its fuel consumption. The fuel efficiency is less than 28 mpg on city roads and less than 37 mpg on highways. Automatic and manual modes of transmission are incorporated in all models, excluding the Mazdaspeed3 model.

These are the reviews of the cars that come under“reasonably priced small car” category.

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