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US News Car Rankings for 2012 – Why no Camry?

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One of the biggest surprises in the US new car rankings report for 2012 is the way they put the Toyota Camry out of the top 10. Although the newest version of the Toyota Camry 2012 is a little bit of a let down as far as expectations from fans and the such, it is hard to validate keeping the king of the mid-sized vehicles out of the top. Below is why we think the Toyota Camry 2012 should be ranked 3rd on the US News Car Rankings for 2012 for mid-sized vehicles.



1.a. Value

So, why do we think the Camry deserved a better spot? Simply put, the Camry is one of the most reliable cars on the road. Additionally, the Camry is also extremely affordable, likely due to the excellent residual value on used Camrys. Typically, a car can last around 150,000 to 200,000 miles without getting into serious trouble. With the average American driver putting in a good 12k miles per year, you are talking about a 15 year car. So if a car basically expires after 15 years, think about the value of the car now.

1.b.The math

A fully loaded Toyota Camry 2012 is stickered near the $33,000 mark, due to the leather, bluetooth, JBL system and blind spot monitoring system, in addition to the heated seats, and the other standard amenities that come on the XLE model. This car will lease for around $300 per month with 3 or 4 thousand dollars down depending on the deal you get. If you multiply this number by 36 months, which is the typical lease time of the Camry’s, you will get $14,800 on the higher end. This means that the car now has a value of $19,000 after the lease. The car is actually sold for around $22 thousand dollars, pulling a very nice profit for the dealers, and creating great incentive to sell or lease the new Toyota Camry’s.



2. Interior Quality and Style

The interior of the brand new Toyota Camry XLE and Camry hybrid is absolutely beautiful. There is leather stitched dashboards, LED lighting, a great layout in the center console, beautifully reworked leather seating, a far more spacious rear bench suitable for 2-3 adults depending on size, excellent fit and finish. The car also feels better with the quality, one of the gripes that people had with the last generation model was the lack of high quality materials in the dashboard and center console, especially where the cup holder and stick shift are.

3. Performance and Fuel Economy

The performance of the brand new Camry has become more sporty, with tighter suspension and steering that feels way more accurate than the past generation Toyota Camry. There is also a much faster acceleration time, but it is not due to a different engine. The Toyota engineers actually manages to reduce the weight of the car by almost 200 pounds, and create a more aerodynamic chasis and body. This lead to a 0-60 MPH time of just 5.8 seconds, a full .4 seconds faster than the model that debuted in 2007.

Fuel economy has improved as well, by as much as 10% with an additional 1 MPG city and 2 MPG highway. This is slightly disappointing, given the excellent MPG Toyota has been able to achieve with the all popular Prius. The Camry is still a contender in the MPG department, falling just 3rd in efficiency between the big 3.

Well, we’ve given great reasoning as to why the Camry should have been ranked much higher in the US News Car Rankings for 2012, we hope you agree!

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