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Volvo S60: Unleashing The Sensible Beast

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Volvo S60, Sedan from Volvo

Volvo S60 review

Volvo cars of the past would remind you something of a vehicle running around in the form of a rectangular box. Although, cars from Volvo were always known for the high standard safety equipment they carried, the design of the cars left much to be desired. Volvo is sort of trying to re-discover itself as a brand with the release of the S60 range of cars in recent years.

Volvo S60: 2013

The 2013 version of the Volvo S60 is a quick car with top of the range acceleration and a slew of safety features for the drivers. Driving the car across the lush tarmac revealed the extent to which the engine was ready to please the driver. The design of the new Volvo S60 T5 AWD would take the breath away of any onlooker. Gone are the days of the boxy car designs of the Volvo that left the buyer whether they have actually bought a box with wheels.

Engine Specifications

At the heart of the Volvo S60 is a 2.5-liter, turbocharged five-cylinder engine, which is capable of unleashing the power of 250 horses through its single-option, six-speed manual transmission. The sedan also boasts of a jaw-dropping 266 pound-feet of torque even at 1,800 rpm, which was mainly responsible for the rocket thrust I felt while cruising past slower-moving traffic.

All-wheel drive with Dynamic Stability and Traction Control

All car owners are familiar with big words being attached to relatively simple technologies. As such there is a tendency to approach the latest technologies that the car companies adopt in their vehicles with a slight cynicism, which in some cases is completely justifiable, but not here. The DSTC aka Dynamic Stability and Traction Control just delivers all its name promises- stability and traction control in rough conditions. Although the Volvo S60 is based on a front-wheel-drive configuration, the S60 T5 owners can opt for an all-wheel-drive system that has the ability to transmit power to the rear axle whenever required. It will be really helpful in situations where the car is dying to get some traction as it has the ability to send full available torque to the rear axle if it must, thus reducing the torque at any of the wheels if slip is detected.

Volvo S60, Sedan from Volvo

review of Volvo S60

A Volvo is yet to be born with even a slightest negligence in its safety department and the S60 is no different from the rest of the pack. Top notch safety tech measures are to be expected in any Volvo and the S60 does pack a punch in this regard too. The S60 features front-facing cameras that pick up images of pedestrians, vehicles, and other obstructions and instantly relay it to the driver. The system has been termed as City Safety and its features don’t stop at just scanning the road and sending the images. If the system detects that the car is about to collide with one of these obstructions, it will warn the driver before automatically applying the brakes. A feature of City Safety is that it will only work if the speed at which the car is driven is between 2 mph and 30 mph and it won’t activate if the driver is applying even the slightest bit of manual brake pressure. It will also be not activated if the driver is attempting to steer around the obstruction.

The Volvo will have to fight off competition from the usual suspects; Audi and BMW. Only time will tell whether it can weather the storm against such giants, but early reports suggest that Volvo might have something really special here.

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