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Volvo Sets Standards in Vehicular Safety and Collision Prevention While Lowering the Risk of Whiplash

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Car SafetyVolvo has been a popular choice among automotive manufacturers for years. Recently, they have incorporated some safety features that bring added security to the mind of a driver, and these features are highly capable of reducing the likelihood of a collision. Rather than stationary or inactive safety features (such as rear cameras, or added airbags), Volvo has incorporated a safety feature that the vehicle controls with a computerized system. This incredible innovation is perfect should you become distracted and potentially cause an accident.

The number of vehicles on roadways is growing every day, especially with a rising population. This rise in commuters also brings with it an increase in collisions and accidents. While accidents can be very tragic, a majority of collisions tend to occur at lower speeds, and do not do too much damage. Whiplash is one of the biggest complaints from victims of auto accidents, especially for rear end collisions at low speeds. The newest safety measures of the S60 and XC60 can nearly always protect you from becoming the cause of a rear end collision, or many other collisions that you may cause for that matter.

About The Newest Safety Innovation from Volvo

Volvo’s newest innovative safety tool is the City Safety System. This German automobile manufacturing company has decided to set new standards for safety and collision prevention, and they have definitely become successful with the City Safety feature. This new system is found in 2 Volvo models, and they have already seen plenty of success.

In a nutshell, the City Safety System involves a detection system that determines what is around the vehicle, and automatically brakes the automobile if it is at risk of colliding with anything nearby. It utilizes a laser, and measures several factors; particularly your speed and the speed of other moving objects (such as vehicles) to determine whether or not your vehicle is moving at too high of a speed in comparison to what is ahead. If the safety system decides it is potentially high risk, it will automatically brake the vehicle to avoid a collision. This safety feature also works with stationary objects. This way, you avoid driving or reversing into anything around your vehicle. This system was primarily developed for collision prevention, and it has greatly reduced accident-related personal injury claims among those who own these vehicles.

How Has This Safety Feature Performed?

With the two models that engage this system (the XC60 and S60 models), the numbers have definitely proved just how reliable the system is. It has been noted that the XC60 alone has received over 27% less claims. This is in comparison to standard vehicles, which are not equipped with this system. In comparison to XC60’s that are not equipped with the City Safety System, there were 19% fewer claims.

The City Safety System is definitely welcomed in the automotive world, and we should all hope to see a drastic decline in auto collisions and injuries (such as the all-too-common whiplash injury) should this innovative system be used in more models and brands.

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