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Wipe New To Protect Your Car Surfaces

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Wipe New advanced car restorer

Make your car look like new with Wipe New

Can you think of a single car care kit that can do everything to make your car shine like brand new? As if, it is right out off the show room. If you cannot think of any, here is Wipe New car restorer for you. This wonderful product, almost miraculous to be true can make your car shine like new with one single application.

Features of Wipe New advanced car restorer

The Wipe New car restorer can be used to restore any part of your automobile, be it the exterior or the interior of your car. It can be used anywhere from the dashboard, the bumper, rims and just about any other surface except glass surfaces and mirrors. The Wipe New advanced car restorer penetrates deep into the layers binding the different surfaces of your car. Wipe New also protects your car from weather and environmental effects. This is because unlike other silicon based products that have to be applied over and over again, Wipe New car restorer makes use of a nano polymer formula.

One application of the Wipe New car restorer stays effective for as long as two years. In addition, you do not have to go around buying several different car care products, as this one single product is enough to make your car look as good as new. According to online Wipe New reviews, a single bottle of Wipe New is enough for two small to medium cars. The Wipe New car restorer is not available for purchase in retail stores ad can only be bought online.

Wipe New Detailing kit

Wipe New reviews

Protect your car with Wipe New

With every purchase of the Wipe New car restorer, you are also provided a bonus detailing kit to make the application of this product an easy task. It includes a pair of nitrile gloves to protect your hands from the chemical formula and two yellow Wipe New applicator cloths. For hard to reach nooks and corners, it contains a detailing brush. The headlight applicator and the head light polishing block available can be used to defog your headlights.

Recent Wipe New reviews suggest that it comes with a money back guarantee so you get your money back if you do not get the promised look! As you can see, buying a bottle of Wipe New can change your car’s look drastically, so hurry, order your own Wipe New car restorer today and make your car shine like new!

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